Rolex Mentor & Protègè Arts Intiative 2012/2013

Programa Rolex Arts Intiative mapeamento de artistas emergentes do mundo anuncia os seus contemplados em todas as areas ( Dança, Filme, Literatura, Musica, Teatro e Artes Visuais). Maiores infos: Rolex Arts Intiative

Dance: Eduardo Fukushima (Brazil)
Selected by Mentor Lin Hwai-min (Taiwan)

Film: Sara Fgaier (Italy)
Selected by Mentor Walter Murch (United States)

Literature: Naomi Alderman (United Kingdom)
Selected by Mentor Margaret Atwood (Canada)

Music: Dina El Wedidi (Egypt)
Selected by Mentor Gilberto Gil (Brazil)

Theatre: Michal Borczuch (Poland)
Selected by Mentor Patrice Chéreau (France)

Visual Arts: Mateo López (Colombia)
Selected by Mentor William Kentridge (South Africa)

Página de Eduardo Fukushima no ROLEX ARTS

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