13/09/2012 How to ovrecome the great tiredness? in Nothingham- the UK

Apresentação de Como superar o grande cansaço? no encontro Weya – World Event Young Artists- 1000 artists- 100 nations. Apoio Rumos Dança Itaú Cultural- Agradecimentos Sônia Sobral / Itaú Cultural.

How to Overcome the Great Tiredness?

A great weariness. In time. In the air. From the tiredness comes movement, body language, harnessing exhaustion as a power from which to move.

The work explores the building of gesture and intention within specific qualities of movement, reaching a body state that both develops and exists in real time. Confronting the unsettled precariousness and fragility of life, this dance considers its ability to create contradictory and chaotic personalities.

A dance that continues despite the tiredness ….

The choreography and research for this project was funded as part of its program of dance in 2009/10 by Rumus Itaú Cultural.

Fukushima’s performance runs from 7.30pm – 8pm

Rodriguez’s performance runs from 8.30pm – 9pm

This performance is in the Waverley Theatre, Waverley Building.

Eduardo Fukushima em processo

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