Subindo una cuesta larga de Valparaíso, Tokyo, 2019, cia Okazaki Theatre.

The Kishida Kunishi Drama Award-winning work “Val Paraiso-” reprinted in Tokyo news

Takehiro Kamisato / Okazaki Geijutsu seat Tokyo performance of “talking down the long hill of Valparaiso” is staged in Tokyo of the Goethe-Institut Tokyo in 25 days from August 21.

This work premiered as a program of “Kyoto EXPERIMENT 2017” in 2017, and is a work of Kamisato University that received the 62nd Kishida Kunishi Drama Award. An artist-dancer from Argentina and a Japanese-born immigrant-based Brazilian-born dancer set up a story written by Kamisato in Argentina for 11 months and covering various parts of South America. During the film, there are episodes of various people, such as those who brought the ashes of the dead to the sea, the stories of old humans across the Pacific Ocean, and the stories of the total eclipse observed in Paraguay.

In addition, attention will be focused on the unique seating space that the building unit dot architects and Satoshi Shibata work to make foreign cities feel. In addition, this work is in Spanish, with Japanese and English subtitles.

Valparaiso FlyerValparaiso - JapãoValparaiso- flyer japão

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